Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® Polished Concrete

This is true polished concrete, an exceptionally beautiful and durable flooring option. With Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® Polished Concrete, a process of grouting and densification is undertaken in conjunction with intensive mechanical polishing, using progressively finer diamond tooling. This results in a marble-like finish where the level of sheen from matt, satin to high gloss is determined by the polishing process itself. An application of Husqvarna Hiperguard Premium Enhance penetrating enhancer ensures a hardwearing, stain and scratch resistant surface, which will require no maintenance for decades to come.

Outdoor Ground Concrete

The Polished Concrete Company’s process of grinding outdoor concrete provides the perfect surface for patios, pathways, alfresco and poolside. Attractive, robust and non-slip, the seamless nature of ground concrete also makes cleaning and maintenance simple. For old concrete, grinding is a quick and cost-effective way to give weathered surfaces a new lease of life, while grinding overly sharp washed aggregate will flatten stones making them kind to bare feet.

Other Concrete

The Polished Concrete Company’s services are not limited to floors. As the versatility and beauty of concrete become more recognised, concrete is increasingly incorporated within residential, commercial, and industrial environments. From concrete tilt panels, kitchen and bathroom benchtops and hearths to in-situ indoor and outdoor furniture, The Polished Concrete Company can ensure you obtain the finish you require. If it’s concrete, we can polish it, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss your project.

Nil Exposure

Only the topmost layer of concrete is ground to maintain a consistent  “creamy” finish. Care is taken to expose no stones, showcasing the concrete itself rather than the aggregate. This effect is understated, sophisticated and increasingly popular.  In general nil exposure is only an option for new concrete as the degree of grinding required to remove glue and debris or repair damage during restoration projects normally results in some aggregate being exposed.

Random Exposure

Also referred to as “salt & pepper”, this look can vary from random areas of aggregate exposure interspersed with nil exposure to a more consistent low level of exposed aggregate. This stylish effect works equally well with a matt, satin or gloss sheen.

Full Exposure

Intensive mechanical grinding is undertaken to fully expose the stones within the concrete. In the case of new slabs, there is a wide range of custom concrete mixes to choose from which will result in a floor that is stunning and exceptionally unique.

Your concrete pour will play a critical part in the end result of your polished concrete floor. For expert advice and to ensure you achieve the look you want, call The Polished Company before you pour.

We work closely with you to custom fit our services to your project needs.